PROFESSIONAL DANCER, TEACHER AND COREOGRAPHER Jorge Luis Garmendia better known as Tito is professional dancer from Havana, Cuba. He graduated and got evaluated as professional dancer in Tony Menendez company in Havana, where he worked as first dancer for 3 years. His dance education is based on classical ballet, contemporary ballet, popular Cuban dances such as salsa, son, cha cha cha, mambo, pilon, danzon, merengue, hip hop with acrobatics, afro Cuban dances such as rumba, columbia, yambu, orishas. His next company was Ballet Parizien which gave him experience and better knowledge of cuban cabaret. At the same time he worked in company Pinos Nuevos specialized in folklore and variations, as first dancer for 2 years. Never loosing wish to improve himself led him to take classes in Narciso Medina contemporary dance company and Yol dance modern production show company. His dancing specialty is variations which mean that he is specialized in various cuban dances salsa, mambo, cha cha cha, son, modern and contemporary dance, afrocuban folkloric dances and modern international dances like different styles of hip hop and reggaeton. Many well-known names of Cuban and international artist highlighted the path of his career like Paulo FG, Charanga Habanera, El Micha, Eminencia clasica, Pedrito Calbo, Miguel Eduardo, Tanya de Bamboleo... Currently he is living and working as professional model and dancer in Serbia where he was involved in big fashion events , cuban salsa and hip hop festivals as instructor and performer.
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